The paper flower replica bouquet is the 

perfect sentimental

wedding and anniversary gift.


We are experts at identifying the flowers and other natural elements used in the original bouquet.  We do our best to replicate these while honoring their truest form.

Simply fill out the form below and send us photos of the bouquet you want replicated and we will reply with a custom quote.


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"A finished product that went above and beyond my expectations"

Danielle at Paper Portrayals came through for me in a big way! I had no idea what I should buy as a first ("paper") anniversary present. I was waffling between Broadway tickets and a fancy pen, neither of which I thought my wife would find appealing. Then I started thinking about the gigantic ripoff that is the flower industry, and the king's ransom that you pay for something which will, with absolute certainty, die. The whole concept is ridiculous. So the idea hit me: PAPER FLOWERS modeled on her bridal bouquet. The gift would be apropos and would never die. 

I found Paper Portrayals online and loved the bouquets on the website. They were stunning so they gave me confidence that Danielle could do the job, and she absolutely did. From the beginning, she was a consummate professional. She stayed in constant communication, actively engaged in the creative process, and provided a finished product that went above and beyond my expectations. 

My wife loved the bouquet, and, best of all, these flowers aren't going anywhere!

Matt, Brooklyn, NY