Anne Ten Donkelaar creates absolutely fantastic whimsical creations using pressed and cut-out printed images of flowers often bound to branches, painstakingly pinned into deep-set frames.


I am just in awe of these beauties and am very much inspired by her attention to detail in the cut-outs and the pinning process.


If plants were dreamers, this is what I imagine they would dream of being.

A damaged butterfly, a broken twig, a bumblebee, some strangely grown weeds: I find all these unique discoveries in my path and then take them home to my studio. Here, I take my time to explore the objects and try to work out how I can show each one to it’s best advantage. My finds inspire me. While looking at them I can invent my own stories about their existence and their lives.

By protecting these precious pieces under glass, I give the objects a second life and hope to inspire people to make up their own stories about them.
— Anne Ten Donkelaar

Well thanks Anne, and don’t mind if I do.  As I look at your pieces I am not only wrapped up in the shapes and forms you have so thoughtfully created, but by the possible landscape that such stunning, delicate forms could thrive in.

I feel inspired to use my paper flowers to glimpse into that world that I’ve only visited in my dreams.

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