I just had the incredible honor of re-creating a wedding bouquet from 1980! This replica bouquet was amazingly unique.  When Brian approached me about replicating his wife's bouquet for their 35th wedding anniversary, I couldn't have been more excited.  All he had were two photographs from their wedding day of the bouquet.  That's all I needed.  This was such an interesting paper replica bouquet to work on because the shape and style of it is so different than what we typically see today.  The original, filled with white roses and backed by leatherleaf ferns cascaded ever-so-slightly from the brides grasp on the white ribbon wrapped stems.

I constructed the roses one-by-one out or German doublette crepe paper and arranged them meticulously upon the cardstock cut ferns.  A final touch of dried gypsophilia (baby's breath) brought it all together.  Arranging the final bouquet is always my favorite part.  I make all these individual flowers and foliage and it is always so amazing to see it all come together.

A big thank you to this wonderful and happily married couple here in Sebastopol.  Here's to 35 more!

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