The paper replica bouquet really is the best first anniversary gift for you to give your wife.  It's unique, artistic, and shows how thoughtful you are!  From just a handful of photos of your wife with her bouquet on your wedding day, I can create a beautiful and life-like paper re-creation that wont wilt or die!  

Yes it is a fact that the first wedding anniversary is paper, the fourth is flowers, but this is a wonderful gift for any anniversary!

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Working on this bouquet was such a treat.  I mean, look at how drop-dead gorgeous the original bouquet is!  Yes, please, and thank you!  I love a bouquet that has lots of different varieties of flowers, some that I've never re-created in paper before.  I am really happy with the way it came out.

Can you tell which photos are the original bouquet and which are paper?


October 11, 2015-- 1 year wedding anniversary gift of a paper flower replica bridal bouquet